Monday, April 16, 2007

Alive at dawn, nature's tantrum and bheja fry

  1. The sunrise. From pitch dark, it slowly starts to lighten up and the mood changes from black to grey to indigo to pink to orange. What is it about dawns that brings so much peace to the soul, while at the same time causes you to feel so alive? There's a word for this in Marathi - Chaitanya. It is a feeling of being alive in every fibre, every cell of your body, as if every thought sparkles and every breath is life itself. And yet this does not explain Chaitanya completely.
  2. An impromptu storm in the afternoon. It lasts for a total of 10 mins, but the scene looks so different. There's chaos everywhere, the roads are splattered with branches and leaves that the wind has torn from trees and other random things that it has stolen from people and then discarded, almost like a child that first throws a tantrum for a toy and then loses interest in it the moment it acquires it. People are peering out of the shelters they have hurried to, to escape this tantrum and are wondering whether its safe to venture out. For the brave one's who do, there's a reward - they are the first ones to breathe in the young clean air after the storm. I'm one of them.
  3. Bheja Fry. After a sublime morning and a tempestuous afternoon, comes a ridiculous end to the day. Bheja fry - literally translated to Fried Brains - is a riot of laughter. The protagonist of the movie is an idiot and such a natural and perfect one that you have to do everything you can to keep falling off the chair - you're laughing that hard!

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