Monday, April 09, 2007

And these are a few of mine...

I was away from the internet for three days, and I came back to find some really interesting posts Aparna's been at work on. And the idea of listing down 10 things I love seems so simple and such a natural extension to the philosophy of this blog, that I'm almost annoyed I didn't think of it myself! But I definitely can't resist doing it myself, so here's my list, excluding family, food, clothing and stuff on Aparna's list, in no particular order:

  1. Being 25 and not being cynical enough to think 3BTing is a silly thing
  2. Laughing so hard that my sides hurt and tears run down my cheeks
  3. The feeling of absolute delight when I read something, something goes 'click' in my brain and I know exactly what the author wants to say
  4. Shopping!
  5. Soft carpets and bean bags
  6. Starry nights
  7. Being independant
  8. Candle-light dinners
  9. Vacations
  10. Surprises (NOT shocks)
  11. Getting lost on the road and then finding my way or discovering a new one...

Easy to go on and on... anyone got a few more?

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