Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Identity Crisis, neighbour and productivity

  1. As I enter the gates of Magarpatta, I notice there's a shock of yellow all around me. The trees have burst into flower of the brightest yellow, overnight. In between these yellow blooms, there's a flaming red Gulmohur, so covered by flowers that not a leaf is visible. Suddenly I start wondering if it actually is summer - Magarpatta looks so fresh and springy!
  2. Utpal, who I share the office cubicle with, is back from a 2-weeks-long vacation. Good to have the vacant seat occupied again.
  3. Senseless banter exchanged over email with Manjiri... we write about completely random, arbitrary things to each other, and I get many occasions to chuckle - both while reading her mails and while drafting some befittingly insane replies.

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