Friday, April 27, 2007

Bloody war, waiting for a full house and surprisingly good

This is good enough to warrant being above any numbering. Life Ain't THAT Bad... finds a special mention on the The Original 3BT site. Congrats partner! And now back to what brings us a chance to get these 'above any numbering' moments...
  1. The war continues. Today's most interesting bomb thrown at me is a paper cup that reads "THIS IS NOT A BOMB. It's a cup". Another one has a huge red stain on it. It is one of mine that has been returned with 'blood' on it.
  2. Counting days till mum, dad and sis finally come to Pune. They'll be here next saturday, and I'm really really looking forward to having someone at home when I come back from office.
  3. Eklavya turns out to be a surprisingly good movie. The camera work is simply awesome, and the intensity of the film is such that I end up wishing I had taken the chance to watch it on the big screen and hadn't payed so much heed to the popular reviews. The film is short and never once wavers from its central theme.

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