Thursday, April 26, 2007

Staking claim, sweet war and breather

  1. In the mail rack, in somebody's mail box, there's a latest copy of Reader's Digest. It has been lying there since saturday, and no one seems to be interested in claiming it. Everytime I pass by, I notice it and fight an impulse to flick it. I like this little game of checking if it's still there. Whoever it belongs to, this is a warning to you - if it's still there on Monday morning, I'm going to claim it. No RD should have to face the insult of being delivered to an uninterested subscriber. It deserves to be opened and read the very day it is received! Meanwhile, I'm going to continue hoping no one claims it!
  2. Amidst the usual debris (paper cups, balls of paper, tooth picks etc) that I get bombarded with from the adjoining cubicle as part of the on-going war, the first bomb for the day is a Kitkat! Hmmm... a sweet war... :-)
  3. A friend tells me he feels better after chatting with me. He was stressed out and I provided him with a breather...

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