Monday, July 30, 2007

Little people, happiness sale and comfy feet

  1. Listening to Atharva and Aditi's banter. Its been more than a year since I last saw the kids, and even then, had not really been able to spend much time with them. So it's awesome to see how much they've grown up. Aditi asks the cutest questions possible... ranging from why Pallavi's carrying clothes in a school bag (rucksack) to why Pallavi's cell phone doesn't flip open. Atharva, on the other hand, has grown quieter, but has more mischief up his sleeve. My greatest pleasure, however, comes from the fact that neither of the kids have forgotten me and I do not have to rebuild an acquaintance.
  2. Pune Central's 'Happiness Sale'. Its aptly named. Pallu and I pick up some great bargains.
  3. My feet are tired and aching when I finally come home after dinner ( a result of the marathon shopping spree, of course). Its so good to have them tucked into something warm and comfortable...

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