Monday, July 02, 2007

New paths, open and stuck in the rain

I'm ranting at Rant Factory. Nothing like a good ol' bitchy rant to vent off some steam and get the load off your chest. Clears the way for the good things in life, I say...

Oh! and it's good to be back....
  1. I take a different route to work today. Its slightly longer, but the road's in good condition, and quite safe in the rains too. It takes me the same amount of time to reach office by this route, as by the one I usually take, but I arrive in much better spirits, because the commute has not been tranformed into a battle today.
  2. Talking to someone with an open and receptive mind. Its such a pleasure, when one doesn't run up against mental blocks.
  3. Its raining quite heavily outside and I'm stuck in office. This is good because firstly, I take the time to just stand and watch the rain, and secondly because, after a long time, I can post to this blog (the internet connection at home hasn't been working for sometime now, which explains the lack of activity here...)

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