Saturday, February 23, 2008

Breakfast adventures, rainbow at my feet and war!

  1. Kris tells me there's one last idli left, if I fancy it, for breakfast. I do, so I rush to the pantry, to find it gone. To top it, both the vending machines are out of coffee. Disheartened, I settle for an apple, while Dharana goes exploring. Moments later, she returns with one idli on a paper plate with chutney on the side...
  2. In front of Tower 2, on the podium, loads of petunia shrubs are in flower, bordering the lawns... the riot of colours looks like a rainbow at my feet.
  3. 'Drama Queen' and 'High priestess of emotional blackmail' are two epithets bestowed upon me by Shenoy. You do realize this is nothing short of a declaration of war, don't you Shenoy? No mercy will be shown hence forth.

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