Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Driving, expedition and egg bhurjee

  1. My second driving lesson. The instructor takes me on a crowded road, and I don't panic. In fact, I drive through the mess without any incident. I'm so proud of myself!
  2. A very fruitful shopping expedition with Shenoy and Pallu. It's one of those days when you actually like a lot of stuff, and get good bargains too. And not only that, Shenoy finds in himself, the fortitude to endure the shopping (yes, he hates it, even though it's for his own wedding...)
  3. I whip up some egg bhurjee for dinner. On a whim, I add chicken masala to it... and its yummm


Premlata. said...

Cool, congratulations. When is the car coming? decided the color yet?

Rashmi said...

The car's should be here sometime this month... colour... umm... any suggestions??

Premlata. said...

color depends on the car..what car is it, hyundai? Silver color? :)
any common color will be good re, unless u want to go for some unconventional color ;)