Monday, February 25, 2008

Strange rays of jazz stoping and spilling the musical coffee

Back again!

1. Dr Strangelove

WOW wow wow wow wow ... anybody sucker for dark comedies ? Pick this one reminded me of Catch 22 and that being my favorite book- you know how much I loved this movie!

Peter Sellers is totally hilarious! and so is George C Scott. Undoubtedly Kubrick's best.

2. Juno again

I loved this movie so much - I decide I should give company to an office friend and ended up watching it again. It wins a well deserved - best original screenplay award :) I am so happy to heard that!!!

3. Jazz

We roam around East Village and on instinct enter a church playing live Jazz. It turns out to be awesome. The quality of vocals wasn't the greatest, but the music was really soothing.

4. Stomp

After a long time I get to see something really creative and inventive. They use ordinary objects (sink, trash can, broom, pipes, cans, newspaper, plastic forms etc) to create amazing music. And it turns out that tickets are cheap for that particular show. Extra bonus :) This one too we didn't plan- just landed up on instinct.

They are funny, witty and charming. They are categorized as 'percussive physical theater dance troupe'. What ever that means!

5. House

I just can't get over it. I watch 2-3 episodes at a strech, whenever i DO. Sort of innovative medical investigative serial about a maveric doctor and his unconventional methods of solving really complicated cases.

6. Starbucks!

I confess ... I am a hardcore Starbucks fan now. land up at the cafe 4-5 times a week minimum.

7. Charulata, Ray and more

I suddenly find myself leaning back into some bengali movies and songs. I find some eager minds who want to know more. 'Aami chini go chini' is like an anthem to all bengalis, I have no problem in giving them the a flavor of the meaning and situation. I gladly also extend my discussionsto other bengali movies of Ray (Apu's trilogy etc) and one kick ass movie called 'Teen bhubaner paare' (I just can't stop showering praises for this movie). Subhrangshu got me this one. Boy, am I grateful to him for that or what! :)
Infact he has to an extent introduced to great bengali cinema. Thanks dude!

8. Ami chini go chini

I am not qualified even to the minutest extent to talk about Rabindra Sangit. I will skip that completely. This is the beautiful song from the movie Charulata (my favorite Ray movie):-

YouTube video

Ami chini go chini tomare o go videshini
Tumi thaako shindhu paare o go videshini

Dekhechi sharodo-praate tomar
Dekhechi madhobi-raate tomar
Dekhechi hride majhare
O go videshini

Ami aakashe patiya kaan
Sunechi sunechi tomare gaan
Ami tomare sopechi praan
O go videshini

Bhubhon bhramiya sheshe
Ami ayeshechi nooton deshe
Ami otithi tomare daare
O go videshini

Ami chini go chini tomare
O go videshini.
(this last O go videshini, is sung in the movie as "O bo thakurani")

Meaning (quite a crude one, but never the less a literal conversion of words):-

I know you, know you o lady from foreign land You live across the ocean o lady from foreign land

I have seen you on autumn mornings
I have seen you on Madhavi nights
I have seen you in the middle of (my) heart
O lady from foreign land

I have turned my ears to the sky
And have heard your singing
I have offered my soul to you
O lady from foreign land

After traveling around the world
I have come to a new country
I am a guest at your door
O lady from foreign land

I know you, know you o lady from foreign land (sister-in-law)


Aditi said...

Finally!! Someone who likes House as much as I do :). I am kinda surprised about the Starbucks though.

Rashmi said...

:-) Your day looks enviable, Tanmoy!

Tan said...

he he ... Am I allowed to feel envy for myself (on other days)? and addy why are you envious about starbucks?