Monday, February 18, 2008

Sony sounds, smooth and gripes

  1. Jui is super excited about the new Sony music system she's bought for herself. Her long standing dream of owning one, and being able to listen to quality sound at home has finally come true. Proud of you, sis!
  2. Kris is surprisingly quick in taking a hint. He starts to say something and I say something indicating that now's not a great time to be saying it. He changes his statement, mid-sentence without batting an eyelid. Well... considering it was Kris, maybe I shouldn't say it's surprising.
  3. Bitching to Aparna about all and sundry. Ahhh... there are few things more satisfying than bitching with a trusted friend.

1 comment:

aparna said...

Sweets, I am there for you just the way you are there for me, ALWAYS! :-)