Thursday, March 29, 2007

Another sunrise, graffitti and gol-guppas

100th post today! Calls for a celebration.... This blog has come farther than I'd dared to hope and I'm kinda proud of myself. I don't really know how many people read this, really, but just writing it regularly has made such a huge difference in my attitude, that it has become an essential part of my daily routine. I never doubt these days that there's atleast one more sunrise waiting round the corner for me.... Should I give myself a pat on the back?

  1. I get a fwd which has the following line in it: "If you missed the sunrise I made for you today, never mind. I'll make you another one tomorrow. - God."
  2. A guy in office is wearing a T-shirt with the graffitti - "Don't drink and park. Accidents cause people."
  3. There's Pani-Puri for snacks... its so tasty, we can't stop hogging. There's much excitement in the pantry, 'coz though the 'pani' and the 'puris' are aplenty, the filling is limited and everyone's fighting over it! To hell with behaving professionally, we want our pani-puris...

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