Saturday, March 10, 2007

Laughter Club, Dinner and Happy Ending in Tuscany

  1. We take a coffee break at 3, and the craziest of all office people have assembled at the coffee machine... after a couple of minutes, we're all laughing so hard, people peep in to check what's wrong with us, and my stomach has started hurting because of the laughter...
  2. There's dinner for me at home after two days. The maid's back!!
  3. Watching Under the Tuscan Sun... Its the story of a woman who goes through a divorce when she's least expecting it, and how she discovers that there's life after divorce too. Its beautifully made and I get completely involved with the characters... I identify with the protagonist on some level - we're both alone... it's good to see her happy in the end :-).. and I'm smiling for her, after having a most frustrating day at work..


aparna k. said...

I am very happy for you, that you have KitchenRani to make sure you eat the tastiest of parathas! But then...there is the simultaneous concern of not having healthy-gym-Abu in your life. I know you still have an Abu of sorts, but does he/she help you as much?

Rashmi said...

You may lay your concerns to rest, Aparna.. 'KitchenRani' cooks healthy, low fat food... and thank heavens that Abu is not here, he was nothing more that a nuisance! This instructor is muuuuuuuuch better! Not to mention, muuuuuuuch better to look at too!