Thursday, March 15, 2007

It runs, companion and birthday wishes..

  1. I discover that there is nothing wrong with the code I've written... it's working just fine when Anna runs it... it's a problem with my login! Whew! And to think I've been breaking my head over it for days now... what a relief!!
  2. Its quiet in the train, and I get an uninterrupted stretch of almost four hours to read... I'm reading Akio Morita's Made in Japan... It makes an interesting companion on my journey, and I don't mind travelling alone.
  3. My cell phone is out of reach at midnight, so I give up hope of receiving birthday wishes from friends and family at midnight, as is the custom. But the cell catches a signal within 10 mins, and messages and phone calls start pouring in.. :-)

1 comment:

aparna k. said...

What better way to make you happy on your birthday than acceding to your request. :-)

Happy Birthday!