Monday, March 12, 2007

KitchenRani, far from the madding crowd and revenge!

  1. This is getting repetitive, but can't help mentioning it again... Mo Ma and Mami are here over the weekend, and the maid cooks the most awesome meal for us over lunch... She insists on serving fresh, hot, just-off-the-tava rotis with a yummy aaloo-baingan subzi, and we all just hog! Even Mami admits that she never gets to eat such fresh rotis ever... Kudos to the KitchenRani as Aparna calls her!
  2. Watching the vast expanse of the city lights from high up on the road to the NDA. Its a quiet, dark road, and looking on the city standing up there fills you with a sense of space... its nice to watch the lights of the city - some static, some moving - from a place that's so quiet itself, you're almost thankful that you're far and not in the city's hustle-bustle yourself.
  3. Pallavi is trying to get Shenoy to eat a really yucky icecream by saying that she's going to treat him... to her bad luck, they're out of stock for that particular flavour, and when Shenoy discovers why she's so disappointed, he has the last laugh... and Pallavi fumes at me, because its me who's spoilt it by telling him... Why?? Oh well, I fell for the trick in the afternoon, and some form of revenge is due! Ha!

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