Friday, March 30, 2007

School girls, protection and celebratory dinner

  1. A couple of school girls in their smart uniforms and ribbons in their plaited hair are giggling and whispering by the roadside. Exchanging notes on a new crush or discussing some school gossip, maybe?
  2. Sun-gloves, glory be to them! After having given up my hunt for them, they turn up while I'm looking for something else. What a blessing they are - they keep my hands safe from the sun and the dust while I'm driving, so that when I come to office, I don't have to rush to the washroom to wash off the grime my hands have collected on the way.
  3. Dinner at Burger Barn: I have a Funghi Trifoliate - a preparation of mushrooms with oregano, served with garlic bread... ummmmm... This, by the way, is the celebration I promised myself yesterday, and there's one more cause to it - I've lost another kg! :-) So, as an added treat, there's ice cream after dinner too...

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