Thursday, March 08, 2007

Brandy-bandy, on his own and old melodies...

75th post!! And it's Women's Day today....

  1. I take some Brandy-orange chocolates that Shenoy has brought from the US, for the girls in office. They cause much excitement over lunch, and are consumed amidst many giggles, and a lot of fuss!
  2. Its good to see Tanmoy insisting on doing his own stuff inspite of the temporary plaster on his leg. I wish he'd relax and let the others help, but its good to see him energetic.
  3. While I'm eating at Subway, current pop film songs are being played. Suddenly, an old song - 'Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein..' starts playing... I get completely engrossed in it and it haunts me till I fall asleep... A stark difference between the current hit film songs and those of the yesteryears stikes me - the songs then were low on instruments and relied solely on the melody and the singer's talent to make their mark... and they touched a string somewhere with the depth of their feeling and their boldness.. In today's songs, there is heavy dependance on technology, and you can hear no instrument by itself. Even the instruments used are mostly electronic, and the lyrics, if bold, border on the vulgar, or are very superficial... Long live the old melodies!!

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