Saturday, December 22, 2007

Anticipating adventure, support and yawwwwwn

  1. All day, I look forward to the night, when we start for Makarandgad, for our trek tomorrow... I've been wanting to go for a trek with the trekkers club at work ever since I started working here, but have only managed it this time... I'm so thrilled about it! And even more so about the excellent photographing opportunities that I'll be getting. Maybe I'll get to see the sunrise!
  2. For the trek, I'm supposed to carry my own lunch. I forget to tell the maid to prepare it and as has become my routine, I come home from work really late. But Rashmi's there, and she quickly prepares rotis for me - doesn't even let me help.
  3. Taking a hot shower after coming home from office. Washes away the day's stress, and leaves me all warm and drowsy... my eyelids are drooping even now... But I mustn't sleep - the cab will be here in a few mins to pick me up, and we'll be off for the trek! Yay yay! yawwwwwn....

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Tan said...

'Yay yay! yawwwwwn....'

quite like cats!