Thursday, December 20, 2007


A day full of unusual mood swings...distractions from work... emotional upheavals ...hard talk... relief... last hour slog to finish pending things ...and finally a dinner with a joyful couple...

Just like a masala movie... had everything...emotions, drama, a fight sequence (almost) and a happy ending!

1. "No"

The word 'No', never seemed more important. Anxiously waiting for the answer- hoping it wouldn't be Yes. Alas, it was a 'yes' :(

Still I don't give up ...discussions, negotiations, plain talk, hard talk, clarifications, elaborations ... and then finally it came. "No, ....."

2. "Focus Tanmoy Focus"

It struck me at 4 pm, that I haven't done enough for the past few days. No one is complaining, but I feel terrible inside.

'One of these days, I will have to sit late and finish it. Only if I had the will to swim against the waves'

I start to swim, but the water is cold. I am not motivated enough to work. So, I go down for a smoke and watch people leave. All are happy to go home, smiling and satisfied.
I say ..."Why the Hell not me?!"

I go back inside and start working. Get a call from a dear friend. I had not met her for a long time. The couple says, they will wait for me and then leave for dinner and that excuses won't work. I get 1 hour to finish as much as I can. The target does wonders and I end up surprising myself. Demons that I had postponed for days, crumble and vanish easily!

Maybe, I did have a faint smile, as I left the office but, the best part there was - there was absolutely nobody to notice it!

3. 'Nostalgic movie masala ladies fingers'

Curiosity over how bad could have been Sawariya?, discussion over why they had to show nudity in Beowulf ?, old college talk, good movie websites, and rubbish humor in a movie called 'Angrez'...that I am told ..."you HAVE to watch!"...amidst well cooked ladies fingers...

The best part is the reason why we ordered 'ladies fingers'... tomorrow it shall be a test for me and my roomie... 'let's see if can generate a better taste!'

I am confident... from the recent success with my new mastery ---The Cauliflower diaries...

4. 'Rain'

This song is by an English band called 'Uriah Heep', formed in December 1969. They are sometimes jokingly referred to as the 'Beach Boys' of heavy metal. They are pretty much melodic behind their heavy sound.

I think early last year, for a long time I had nothing much to do. Whenever I was in my senses, I used spend time looking for good music. That's when I discovered the powerful lyrics, loads of creativity blended in melody, soulful vocals and range of influences... I concluded they were somewhat Deep Purple...somewhat Led Zepp...and somewhat Extreme.

This song really defines how I felt, sometimes when I used to sit up on the bed near the window. Rains in Pune can be a mess, but this song gave it a different look. Again as always - this song is not one of their most popular ones ... but to me one of the deepest. I also like 'What should be done', 'Sweet Loraine', 'Why', 'Easy Leaving' (that's the popular one), 'What's within my heart'...

I love the simplicity in the music and the profound emotions in the lyrics... 'raining inside'... hats off!!

This is the Video and the album cover - 'The Magician's Birthday'. There are better versions of the song - but this is the best available on the internet currently.

YouTube Video

It's raining outside

But that's not unusual

But the way that I'm feeling

is becoming usual

I guess you could say

The clouds are

moving away,

away from your days

and into mine

Now it's raining inside

And that's kind of a shame

And it's getting to me,

a happy man

Why should you want to

waste all my time

The world is yours

but I'm mine

Rain rain rain in my tears

Measuring carefully my years

Shame shame shame in my mind

See what you've done to my life


Clare said...

What were your thoughts on nudity in the Beowulf movie?

The original text is here -- -- and it talks about him stripping off his armour. Also, I think there's a Norse tradition of naked wrestling... (if you're not wearing any clothes, there's less for your oponent to grab).

But the way they presented it, with strategic elbows and smoke, reminded me of the scene in Austin Powers 2; which made it all seem a bit absurd.

Tan said...

Well he did strip off a little more than his armour, so the director over-cooked it, I would say :)
Actually I somehow found it funny, that a lot of creativity went into making Beowulf land behind objects - so that the appropriate areas are hidden! :)

Now, with the use of a small cloth - all this creativity could have gone into something else, maybe the fight sequence itself. With the big creature like Grendel- there was very less chance of getting grabbed. Grendel would rather whack him from a distance than bother to hold him, which what he was doing.

I think the idea to fight weaponless - was lost completely.