Sunday, December 30, 2007

Drifting away in NY

It was one of those days, where you don't bother to even try to decide on anything. Walk out and seek. That's what we did. With a map in our hands - we walked into New York.

1. Brunch...Oops Lunch actually

With the time lines being followed with due diligence - we ended up having lunch instead of the planned brunch. Why? Well we spent a lot of time researching Shreesanth's antics on the Cricket ground watching YouTube videos. It was fun anyway. Some time back a friend of ours, obviously a keen follower of the game, had provided us with an insightful answer to a question thrown at her.

How many days does a Cricket Test Match run?
Ans - Hmmm ... 30 days?

Reaction - blank and shocked faces.

Ans (Contd.)- Ok, but I am sure it runs for more than week. I have 'seen' it myself.

We finally had to settle on 7 days. God we pray for mercy Please Let her go!

2. MAD

We started for Museum of Modern Arts - but then like our brunch - we missed this too. So we landed up at the Museum of Art and design (MAD). It was quite unique. Some of them looked (that's all an untrained eye can do) rubbish. Some of it looked breathtaking! Different themes, mostly dark and deceptive were laid out. I enjoyed it thoroughly (real thorough - when my friends waited for at least 30 mins for me to come out of the place )

3. Boys boys boys

8 guys fought with all they had in them, at the Sports Center at Chelsea Perkins, along side the Hudson river. Bowling, Speed Hockey, Dance, super fast basket ball... and off course with a Budweiser here and there.

4. Drifting

There are no lyrics. This song was forwarded to me on YouTube by Yaya long back. Today I was showing it to Patty's friends. The guy creates real magic with the guitar. I won't say much - just enjoy the YouTube Video

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