Monday, December 17, 2007

Hep, side business and fit

  1. Rashmi (not me, I know another one too... and she happens to be staying with me for a few days) gets a hep new hair cut and super-pleaased with it...

  2. Getting rid of a year's worth of old news papers - I sell off a whole nineteen kilos and earn a hundred rupees :-)... now suddenly there's plenty of space under the bed, where they previously sat.

  3. Meeting my cousing Shruti, who's come down from the US with her two boys, to visit her parents. I'm envious of the way she's maintained her slim figure and how fit she looks! But then, to give her due credit, she is a fitness instructor there, so she couldn't really be unfit herself, could she? But she definitely is a reminder for me get off my butt and into shape!

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