Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Pajamas, where are the heroines and soft skin

  1. Because I haven't been feeling well, I take half a day off and come home... I'm just so drowsy by the time I reach home that I quickly change into my pajamas and head straight to my bed... the soft duvet is so comforting, and in no time, I'm into a deep, sweet sleep.
  2. Watching a very well-made report on NDTV which tried to analyze why there are no heroine-oriented movies in current hindi cinema. The female lead is mostly a prop, a stunning one, no doubt, but the question always is 'Who's the hero?'...
  3. Inspite of the cold and the dryness, my skin is well protected and feels nice and plump because of the cold cream that I'm using... I just love the feeling I get when immediately after a hot bath, I massage the cream in - clean, soft and fragrant

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an autumn leaf for all seasons said...


Thought I needed to thank you and whale for the help :-)

It was fun to talk to whale - him trying to plot the address while I was on the phone, and most times he sounded like a confused GPS. And he had to accentuate every now and then with a "I can't believe we are trying to do this!" :-) Sulks and Sighs, but we finally pulled off a decent sounding address. :-D After all, the lessons learnt shall stay with all of us.

In other news, my life is great in spite of all the layoffs happening all around me (Breather: Will only be a little wait before I take myself out of this pandemonium).

Ah - I should say, Life is G for me :-D

Take care & apply some more cold cream.