Thursday, December 20, 2007

Not so duh.., go home and khoya khoya chaand

  1. After spending a whole day agonizing over a problem that I'm finding too complex to solve, I realise at the end of the day that others are also as much at sea about it, as I am... I'd almost begun to believe I'm the duh-est of the lot!
  2. Dharana pings from the US when she sees I'm still online, with a "Go home! why aren't you going home... ghar jaaaaooo" She used to say this everyday when she was here in India, and I realise that I had kinda missed this statement of hers (among others). Get back fast, girlie, it's getting boring in office with the neighbouring seat empty..
  3. Finding the exact lyrics of Khoye khoye chaand ki.. Now, I can sing along, as I listen to it over and over again, wihout missing anything. I realise its the poetry that has really attracted me to this song... such words deserve a better music. But then I love the timbre of Swanand Kirkire's voice in this song... My favourite lines from the poem:

kyun apane aap se khafa khafa jara jaraasa naaraaj hai dil

yeh manjilein bhi khudahi tay kare, yeh faasalein bhi khudhi tay kare

kyu toh rasto pe phir seham seham sanbhal sanbhal ke chalta hai ye dil

kyun khoye khoye chaand ki firaaq mein talaash mein udaas hai dil


Aparna said...


You are NOT duh!! And yeah, I can vouch it to anyone who thinks you are!

Oh my dear...are you okay?

Tan said...

so some people have started writing about songs!

Rashmi said...

What! Helloooo.. please go through the archives - 'some people' have written about songs before... hrrrmmmppphhh!!

Rashmi said...

Aparna! lol... thanks! Well, I wasn't quite completely convinced about my duh-ness, u know :-P

I'm absolutely fine :-).. don't u worry!