Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Baby's day out, breeze and shoulder

Sunday, 26th Nov '06

  1. We visited Mumbai's Fort area - sat there in a pub called 'Cafe Leopold' which is a quaint little place, full of tourists. Then Saumya and I decided to go footpath shopping alon Colaba Causeway for a bit - picked up a few bargains. I got myself a couple of stylish stoles and a silk scarf... can't wait to wear them! We then headed towards the Gateway of India and took the steamer ride (the view of the Mumbai skyline when seen from off the shore is breath-takingly handsome...) Needless to mention, there was plenty of fun involved, with a lot of laughing and teasing and running around... Baby's day out in the town!
  2. Sea breeze that runs through my hair... the feeling of space that one gets while on the sea is incredible, even while you're still very close to shore. I always feel like laughing out loud with joy when I'm near the sea..
  3. Having a shoulder to fall asleep on, during the bus ride back to Pune...

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