Monday, November 27, 2006

Little Chatterbox, interiors and a lazy day

Thursday 23rd Nov '06

  1. When Sangeeta brought Ananya home from the creche, she came to me, shy at first, and then got a little bolder and started talking... and how we talked! It was pleasantly surprising that though we hadn't met since August, she hadn't forgotten me. Ananya is a chatterbox and can talk a donkey's hind legs off! Its difficult to believe that at 2 yrs 8 months, she can talk on such a comprehensive range of stuff. And her sweet voice and baby talk is music to ears that are only used to hearing adult voices....
  2. My brother's new apartment. The housing complex is pretty and the house prettier. The interiors have been done up very tastefully - the designs are clean and minimalistic in mahogany colour, the bathrooms are what can only be called 'glamour rooms', the modular kitchen is a dream! Sighhhhhhh... when will I have a house like that?
  3. Had a lazy day at home with my uncle and aunt, while my brother and his wife Sangeeta went to work... My aunt pampers me (at times even more than my mum does when I go home) and we shared a lovely afternoon, roaming around in the market for a while and chatting away!

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