Tuesday, November 28, 2006

First bicycle, swords & maces and tonic

Saturday, 25th Nov '06

  1. My neice Isha, who had her 6th birthday this saturday, got a brand new bicycle. Its a pretty little thing - purple and pink, with a nifty little basket in the front, a (shrill) bell, and of course, the inevitable side wheels that go with every first bicycle... :-)... Isha is a little dramatist, and she was excited and scared of climbing it, and managed to create quite a fuss about it! Her father finally took her downstairs to try it out - and when she came back, she wouldn't stop riding it even inside the house :-)
  2. Running around on Juhu beach with a toy sword and a toy mace in our hands, George, Tanmoy and I had quite a bit a juvenile fun... and of course, a visit to the beach in the evening is incomplete without chaat and ice-golas!
  3. Spending time with friends, doing nothing... its a tonic of the highest order.

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