Friday, November 17, 2006

Closure, wedding gift and second honeymoon

  1. While having lunch with the girls at office today, one of them asked me when I fixing the date for my wedding. Took a deeeeeep breath, and told them we'd called off the engagement. The inevitable looks of utter surprise and the 'why' followed. Fortunately, 'there were some issues' sufficed... aaaahh... what a relief! Now I no longer have to worry about anyone popping 'the question', because I just found out it is not that difficult to handle, after all!
  2. Had sent a wedding gift to a friend, whose wedding I'd been unable to attend. She called up today (sounding pleased and surprised at receiving the gift and very happy at being married to the man she loves) to tell me she loved it... and so did her in-laws.. he he!
  3. Mom and dad finally decided to take that long-awaited and much-needed vacation this december itself. Yesterday, it had looked like it was too late to book the tickets in the holiday season, but now it does seem like we might just pull it off... Cheers to their second honeymoon!!

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