Thursday, November 30, 2006

First breath, anticipation and dance of abandon

  1. Writing my first ever Haiku.... its hard hard work... tedious and engrossing, and while I've only succeeded in writing a very ordinary one, I'm as pleased as a cat that has swallowed a jug full of cream and is now basking in the sun :-)
  2. I keep visualising this sun flower that I want to paint, and I keep planning what colours I'll use and how the liquid feel of the water colours will make my sun flower pretty... last night, when I was reading something, I suddenly felt the need to make a sketch of the flower, so that when I started to paint, I'd know exactly what would come where, and for once, I followed the urge... I went to bed dreaming about the sun flower...
  3. The figurine of a naked girl dancing, that I saw at a home decor shop... Its a happy dance, and she looks ready to take off into the sky, if only she had wings... her body is taut and graceful like a powerful bird's and arched, bending backwards, as if to meet the sun and the wind full on... and her posture has a fluid abandon to it. (I have a picture on my cell phone, but unfortunately, no way to post it here..)

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