Monday, November 27, 2006

On her own, Tere Bin and karaoke

Friday, 24th Nov '06

  1. My aunt and I brought Ananya home from the creche, and oh boy! Was she happy at seeing us! Ananya and I played in the park for a while (played = got our clothes dirty sitting in the sandbox while Ananya fussed around with little plastic spades and rakes and the dumper truck). But I think the best part was teaching her to swing by herself on the swings - the look of wonder and pride when she finally managed it on her own was priceless!
  2. 'Tere Bin..' by Atif, the Pakistani singer. The song is sooooo soulful, you have to drop everything you're doing and just listen, everytime its aired on radio or TV! (I had just gone in for a bath - put on my clothes again and came out to listen... :-) )
  3. Watching Ananya karaoke to nursery rhymes... albeit without the karaoke system!

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