Friday, November 17, 2006

Flood, fancy dress and long walk

Clare has inaugurated my blog by writing the first ever comment on it... yay! yay! Thanks a tonne, Clare!

  1. When you start looking out for beauty, the world miraculously becomes beautiful. I had wondered if at all I'd be able to find three beautiful things a day, but I found so many today, that I'm not even going to be able to remember them all! But I found a lot of smiles hidden in unlikely places today, and while I'm only going to record three, it's been a beautiful day. I know I'm overdoing it, posting twice on the first day itself. I'm lauging at my own silliness, but I'm overwhelmed by the flood of beauty, and am letting the current carry me.
  2. While driving back home from work, I saw a little girl dressed up in a bright yellow lugda (the traditional maharashtrian dress), her hair done up in a bun, and a pretty shawl draped around her shoulders... brought back memories of fancy dress parties I'd attended as a kid. I'd worn a similar dress once, but I was a door-to-door fruit seller, while this little girl seemed all set to be a member of royalty, judging from the richness of her costume.
  3. Took a loooong walk in my favourite neighbourhood. I absolutely love the bunglows there. I keep fantasizing about building my own bunglow some day. And its good to walk alone and get some time to think by yourself.

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