Monday, November 20, 2006

Multiplication, chicken and friends in love

  1. A very dear friend Aparna is now a contributor to this blog. I'm so very thrilled at having her on board. Her presence promises a much more colourful blog and many moments of joy, for together, we can mutiply beauty by 2!
  2. Home cooked chicken curry.... mmmmmmmm... I'd missed it so much! Ate like a glutton. So much so, that I couldn't keep my eyes open post-lunch and had to take the sunday afternoon siesta... could a sunday afternoon possibly be any better?!
  3. Bumped into an old friend, after having tried to plan a get-together for many months... He was with his fiancee who I was meeting for the first time. Both of them looked very much in love :-).... and its always so heart warming to be in the presence of love...

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