Monday, November 27, 2006

Exclusivity, expressway and reaching home

I'm just back from an extended weekend in Mumbai, having met family and friends... And every moment has been beautiful! Wasn't able to post my 3BT's while there, but noted them never the less... :-) Here are a few pre-dated 3BTs - a post for each day!

Wednesday, 22nd Nov '06
  1. Driving down to Mumbai from Pune with my brother. It is so rare to have him to to myself for such a long interval of time... there's always someone else around! We talked and laughed and cringed at the horrible songs the driver was playing... It was like when I was a kid :-), with my big brother to take care of me, while I worried about nothing...
  2. The Mumbai-Pune Expressway... Its an engineering marvel. We reached Mumbai in less that 3 hours, and the drive, as always, was glorious.
  3. Bro and I reached home pretty late, but everyone had stayed up to meet us... And then there was a rush to talk to everyone, with plenty of 'Shhh.. talk low, you'll wake the baby!'.. Lots of news to be exchanged and observations to be made!

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