Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Before the alarm, 'aawur playzurrr' and elegant room

Access to the internet has become a luxury... Alas!

  1. I'm so excited about my first day at work that I wake up half an hour before the alarm rings... Of course, I promptly go back to sleep till the alarm actually wakes me up!
  2. The charmingly incomprehensible Israeli accent of the Centre Head, as he addressed the new joinees - "Ee`t is aawur.. ayyeehh playzurrr `to welcome you all. Ayeehh... ze companee lookz forward ayyeehh... `to a long association wiz you.."
  3. My room at Kaka's place where I'm staying currently - it has a luxurious double bed, a sexy attached bathroom and is very elegantly decorated... in fact, the whole house is just simply out of this world!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome piece.