Friday, January 19, 2007

My own sun, the soup adventure and begining of the second honeymoon

  1. As I sit by the window in the training room, the gentle sun streams through and I'm kept warm inspite of the AC. I have the only seat that is thus kept warm, and it feels like I have my own private sun!
  2. Our soup adventure! Dipti and I wait eagerly to taste the soup of the day at lunch and we've never once been disappointed with the soup through the entire week... today it was a tomato soup with croutons, yesterday a carrot and celery soup was on the menu (and of course in our bowls), but the best (and I must admit, most surprisingly) was the lemon and coriander soup on tuesday... it was just yummy, and I almost wanted to give up lunch and have another bowl of soup instead! (Thankfully, sense prevailed!). The most exciting part of this soup adventure is the new and exotic soups they keep coming up with. More often than not, its always something unusual..
  3. I tell my parents (who, by the way, are all set to embark on their 'second honeymoon' early tomorrow morning) not to worry too much about calling us girls up everyday, to which my mum replies with a feigned annoyance "yeah yeah.. I'm sure both you girls will be more than happy not to have a nagging mother calling you everyday!"... Both mum and dad sound very excited, though!


sreenivasa said...

hell rashmi

Rashmi said...

I hope that's a hello... if so, Hi..!