Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Monkey business, perfect place and home theatre

Flashback: Sunday, December 31st.

  1. We're on our way to Mumbai to usher in the new yar with friends and Tanmoy's antics on the bus keep me entertained. He's trying to take photographs with my camera, but the bus is moving too much to allow him to catch a frame and click it before the bus lurches or turns a corner or enters a tunnel... and needless to mention, he reacts with choice words every single time! We're in the last row of the bus, which has 6 seats, with the two of us occupying the two corner seats. The gentleman sitting by Tanmoy's side is fairly disgusted, because we just won't sit still!
  2. Sangeeta immediately finds a place for the little terracotta pots I got for her... they look lovely!
  3. We're at George's place at night and we watch Nagesh Kukunoor's Teen Deewarein on TV. Its a very moving and engrossing film, and its great watching a movie at home with friends.

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