Monday, January 29, 2007

Country roads, the child in us and slimming jeans

  1. Driving down the old Mumbai-Pune highway. I've raved about the expressway that connects the two cities, but driving on this highway is a revelation of sorts. The road winds along liesurely and one passes many hamlets on the way. The highway is in top-class condition and there's not a bump on the enite stretch... And there is very little traffic on the road. It does seem like everyone is in a huge hurry and takes the expressway instead. First in Dadu's car and then as a pillion rider with Tanmoy on the bike, the journey is a pleasure through out. The feeling of freedom while on the bike, riding at close to 100 kmph, is exhilarating.
  2. Playing 'speed hockey' in a games parlor in Lonavla. Its a table game played by two players trying to score goals by putting the puck in the opponents goal post. We yell and scream and jump and spirits are high... passers-by look at us in amusement like they would at highly excited little children.
  3. The new jeans have been altered just perfectly... and I look slim in them! No kidding!

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