Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mad friends, quilts and teacher's pet

  1. First Gullu calls up to say that he'll be coming down to Pune to help me with my shifting, and then George (who, by the way, is suffering from a bad back, owing to an accident) to say, "this is not fair, I won't be left out... I'm coming down to help too" and I literally have to threaten him to keep him from coming over to Pune this coming weekend. I only hope I have succeeded!
  2. I get into the quilt in the afternoon, while I'm reading a book. The delicious warmth envelops me and before I know, I'm fast asleep... I sleep the entire afternoon off...
  3. I visit my school teachers Mrs. Pant and Mrs Kumaran, and they look genuinely happy to see me. We spend the evening talking like old friends, remembering my school mates and their ex-students... These teachers are people who have had a definite influence over me in my formative years, and I've never really been able to build similar bonds with my teachers after I left school and joined college. Their elegance and class, and their complete involvement in their students, their willingness to go that extra mile for the sake of their work - all this places them in a class of their own, untouched by anyone I've met.

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