Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Friends, Family and Prosperity - the year that just went by!

I'm back!! And how I love being back! The excitement of the new year setting in has started getting a little cold now, but for me the new year is yet to truly begin... I have been meaning to write this post for a long time, but my computer decided to conk off, and I have been virtually marooned for quite some time now! A whole year has gone by, and its time to take stock of the good things it had to offer. I'll stick to listing the best three, but the year certainly had more to offer... here goes...

  1. Friends. I begin as an outsider in the group and as the year ends, I feel like I've finally been accepted as an integral part of the group. I've been successful in building bonds with each and everyone and am now truly in the midst of everythings that happens - the fun, the quarrels, the controversies, the love, the friendship... everything... I feel so lucky to have such awesome and caring friends, who are also so much fun to be with. Thanks are in order to Tanmoy, George, Gullu, Dadu, Anuj, Saumya, Shreerang and Patty...
  2. Family. The term 'supportive family' takes on a new meaning for me. I take some unpopular and difficult decisions, but my family stands by me, rock-solid and never lets me waver. There is great comfort in knowing that come what may, my family will never lose faith in me and will always support me.
  3. My first ever promotion. The appraisal at the begining of the year brings me my first promotion and an appreciable raise in salary to go along. This in turn brings definite change in life style and the welcome increase in disposable income brings a change in perspective too. I needn't mention that I've enjoyed the prosperity!

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