Tuesday, January 16, 2007

In the list, oranges and teddy bear..

  1. Aparna calls up while I'm still in the bath and I have to rush out to answer the phone... She's calling to complain about her name not being included in the friends' list on the 'taking stock of the year gone by' post... awesome to know that the list means something to someone! Aparna - that was something else, but I love the fact that you want to be in the list whether its relevant or not!
  2. I discover fresh fruit at the office pantry... a treat for me! I choose a huge big orange and it turns out to be really juicy and tangy!
  3. The girl who's joined with me looks like a cute cuddly teddy bear - she's short and plump and fair... and has an almost angelic look on her face...


Aparna said...

Dumbo!!! You need to write that silly thing here, dont you :P

Anyway, just wanted to wish you good luck with your new venture!


Take care.

p.s. BTW What were the Gaikwad's 'last words'? :-)

Rashmi said...

he he he... ou bet...

as for gaikwad's last words... call me up to find out... I guarantee that you will not regret the cost of the call :-P