Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Last day, good wishes and exquisite craft

Flashback: Saturday, December 30th

  1. I take one last tour of the office campus and take tonnes of photographs. Its my last day at work, and I've never realised how much this place means to me... This is the place where I've grown up from being a college kid to an IT professional.
  2. Good wishes and 'All the best' emails pour in, in response to my good-bye mail...
  3. I go to my favourite gifts shop in the evenign, and find the most exquisitely made tiny terracotta urns and vases... the potter's skill is evident in the delicate pots and I can only marvel at his craft, and feel happy that I can own these little things, if not make them... I buy them as a house warming gift for Pinda's new flat...

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