Wednesday, January 24, 2007

First morning, minesweeper and one up!

  1. Waking up in the new flat.... the sun streams in through the window by my bedside and there's a warm glow in the room.
  2. Playing endless games of Minesweeper through a mind-boggling Unix session to keep myself alert.
  3. While Pinda and I are dining in an open-air restaurant, I start feeling cold and he makes fun of me... we continue arguing about whether or not it is cold. When he eventually drops me home, we the see the guard below the building all wrapped up in woollens and rubbing his hands together and I score a point with: look, the gorkha is from Nepal and if he's cold, its definitely cold!


Hello from Julia said...

thanks for your comment :) of course, please link me to you. i'm definitely adding you to my 3s section, which is right in the spirit of things. all the best, 'til next time.

Hello from Julia said...

Reading your posts is fun. No matter where we all, we're all the same. I've linked you to my blog now :)