Friday, January 25, 2008

Leafy luxury, bear hug and decorations

  1. The clean new white bedsheets that mom got for me. They look as if someone has taken a very pristine, milky white canvass and drawn lots of different coloured leaves on it. Sleeping on cool and white sheets feels so mmmmmmmm...
  2. As I get to work and plop down in front of my computer, Dharana gets up from her seat, tells me she's soooooooo happy and while I'm still sitting in my chair, gives me a bear hug. I suddenly realize what a rare thing a hug has become!
  3. Arminder and I keep our shopping date. We go simply gaga over all the gorgeous home decor stuff... The glass stuff is so delicate and pretty. After much deliberation and going back and forth over options, she helps me pick up a nice painting and a very elegant candle stand. Oh, and I find some really nice dry decoration stuff for mum, which I'm sure she'll love... and guess what! all of this is on sale! Could it get any better?? And we didn't even know the sale was starting today before we hit the store.


aparna k. said...

OK - now I am jealous. It has been a while since I shopped!!! Oh what about the pair of shoes I badly need. And what about the sweaters I saw up on sale at Ann Taylor's...And oh oh oh...what about the kurtas that I longingly look at fabindia, but don't buy...!!! I WANT TO SHOP!!!

Anyway, I am happy for you!! :-)

Rashmi said...

:-) Sales are on everywhere here... we'll soon go shopping for shenoy's wedding too... :-)
And tell you what, when you land up here in summer, we can go to FabIndia.. what say?

aparna k. said...

Great idea! :-) Shopping becomes FUNner when I do it with you :-)

Not just FabIndia...I am prepared to do a Shopping Yatra with you :-) Calling it Shoppilgrimage would be apt :D (Don't we worship it sweets!!)

Rashmi said...