Thursday, December 07, 2006

3 Years, unplanned party and grocery shopping..

  1. Yesterday was my 3rd anniversary with the IT industry... It seems almost strange that I've survived here for that long. And now if anyone asks me how long I've been working, I don't have to say 'almost 3 years'... Looking back over the 3 years, I see how I have changed - have gained more patience, become a little more mature, and confident, acquired dark circles and gained some weight, apart from some prosperity... :-)
  2. Unplanned party - Gullu dropped in and we went to Chhaya, and then Tanmoy dropped in and we headed to Golden Palms... And then Dadu came along too... It was like the old times when everyone lived nearby, and we'd just decide on the spur of the moment, that we needed to go out for dinner, and be among the last ones to leave the restaurant..
  3. Grocery shopping - Dragged Gullu to Tru Mart, and while my original list contained only flour and cooking oil, we ended up roaming thru all the aisles and picking up a lot of unnecessary stuff too!

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