Monday, December 18, 2006

Planning the party, birthday gift and birthday bumps...

Flashback: Saturday, December 16th

  1. Chain mails keep going back and forth between all of us, trying to plan for the night's reunion... as is to be expected, there's plenty of confusion, suppressed excitement and wise-cracks. None of us can wait for the day to end, so that we'll all meet up in the evening. We're all meeting Shreerang after a gap of a year and a half, and its also his birthday. Lots of reasons to celebrate!
  2. I finally get a long overdue birthday gift, exactly 9 months late, one that I've been behaving like a baby about! I've shamelessly hankered after it through the months, and I must admit I've quite enjoyed doing that! :-P Its a very nice white and red full sleeved TShirt, and I can't wait to get into it! And I also feel a little sad, because now I have to stop making a fuss about it :-D !!
  3. Its almost 10 p.m. by the time we all finally meet up, and yet everyone's in a jolly mood. Shreerang is 'critically examined' with plenty of "oh my god! how could you have become so fat!" and "why didn't you get the liquor chocolates?" and "Where's my camera?"... and then he gets birthday bumps - there's lots of running around the house and covering the butt from certain-to-land kicks involved for the guys, and everyone's laughing!

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