Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dream land, cheese cake and sour grapes

  1. Koregaon Park - I just love the vibes I get when I'm in KP. Everything's so pretty and interesting - the houses, the eateries, the people, shops and boutiques, the gardens.... The thought that I might actually be staying here one day fills me with a very pleasant sensation.
  2. As I sit down to a sandwich in Sweet Chariot, the waiter places a thick slice of Blackcurrant Cheese cake in front of me. While I'm protesting that I hadn't ordered for it at all, I'm told that it's from the couple sitting a few tables away. Turns out, they're celebrating their first wedding anniversary, and want to share their joy. The gesture is so unexpected and so lovely. They make a very handsome couple, I notice. Pleasantries are exchanged, and I wish them happiness... oh, and the cake is absolutely yummy! Not a flavour I'd have ever ordered myself, so I'm kinda glad that they did, 'coz the next time I go to Sweet Chariot, I'm definitely having Blackcurrant Cheese cake...
  3. I meet Pallavi in the evening and as I tell her about the cake episode, she moans "Why don't I ever meet such people?" She then consoles herself with a "Oh alright... go on, eat cake... I'll be so happy when you're fatter than me..."

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