Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Love on the dance floor, warmth and gossip

Silver Jubilee post today - also coincides with my completing 3 years in the IT industry... reason enough for celebration!

  1. Love on the dance floor... On Nach Baliye, a participating couple danced a slow dance to 'Baahon ke darmiyaan..' from Khamoshi... I swear I couldn't take my eyes off them... They were almost making love on stage! And I watched, mesmerised by the emotion they stirred... pure, unadulterated romance... sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh (yes, I know... I'm an incurable romantic!)
  2. The way the afternoon sun streaming in through the glass windows feels on my back, when I walk out of the cold air-conditioned office, into the passage and wait for the lift... I sit on the broad window ledge - the sun has warmed the stone deliciously, and my bum feels happy... I can feel the warmth seeping through me, and its as if the blood starts flowing freely again in my veins...
  3. An impromptu phonecall to Meenal made while standing outside a shop, and which lasts for half an hour... the shopkeeper keeps wondering if I'm ever going to stop yapping and get into the shop at all! And we just keep on chattering, gossiping and guffawing... :-D

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