Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Strengthened hope, tips and shooting spree

Flashback: Sunday, 24th December

  1. We go to KP - Koregaon Park, to check out a flat and it looks really nice and spacious. Its right on the main road, close to my new office, and the housing society is clean and well maintained. Plus, the rent's manageable. My hopes of finally being able to live in KP are strengthened.
  2. I meet a guy who actually owns a camera similar to mine, and he gives me some handy tips on using the SLR...
  3. I go on a shooting spree, and anything and everything is captured in my camera's lens. Everyone else thinks I've gone crazy, but they don't know the high of having a new camera! They look at me with the kind amusement that one has, for a kid who's excited about a new toy... :-)

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