Friday, December 22, 2006

Jingle Bells, thrift and belated birthdays

  1. Santa Claus comes to our module in office, accompanied by carol singers. Santa looks like he's been on a diet, but he does give out chocolates to all those who've gathered around. The carol singers strike a merry note with Jingle Bells... Walnut cake follows. There's a huge, prettily decorated christmas tree at the entrance of the building - the Christmas season is finally here!
  2. I go grocery shopping just because Spencer's Daily is offering a 10 Rs. discount on the purchase of three packets of Knorr soups... and then I go pay my mobile bill, because if I pay it immediately, I get 50 sms free!
  3. I call up Sharma 3 days late to wish him for his birthday which was earlier in the week. Before I can say 'hello', he's already said 'thank you!'... My 'I swear I hadn't forgotten your birthday, I just couldn't get the call through' is greeted with a 'yeah yeah... who remembers old friends!'... Of course, we argue over that, and only after evidence has been presented and accepted, is a truce finally called... :-)


Anonymous said...

Lol... Verified with me if u'd told me you'd tried calling him & weren't able to get thru... Told him it wuz the other way round... ;-P ... Would be fun to get U & sharma in on this conversation again.. ;-)


Rashmi said...

Meanie!! & liar!!!