Monday, December 04, 2006

Shisha, moombagoomba encore and coochi-coo

Flashback: Saturday, 2nd Dec '06

  1. Candle-light dinner with friends - Shisha Cafe is a beautiful place, with artistic lighting and soothing music, mostly jazz... you can choose to sit at a table, or kick off your shoes and sit on a comfy charpoy, legs folded (which is just what we did)... the perfect place to unwind on a weekend... (and if you have a girlfriend, perfect place to impress her... so guys, please note!)
  2. Chicken moombagoomba.... ok, it had some complicated name, the kind that restaurants with fancy menus like to have, but which no one can pronounce, let alone remember... but it was mouth-wateringly delicious... we ordered it once, and then ordered it once again... :-)
  3. Had gone along with friends, one of whom had brought his girlfriend along... it was kinda amusing watching the two of them coochi-coo-ing...

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