Thursday, December 21, 2006

Office banter, hope not and shock value

  1. As I walk by where my old team sits, someone makes a remark, and I stop to chat. Soon, others have joined in and a very-familiar-but-much-missed-in-the-recent-past banter ensues and everyone's laughing.
  2. While looking through the classifieds, I see a lady has advertised that she needs a 1BHK flat. I call up on the number she has provided to ask if she's also looking for a room-mate. But her husband receives the call, and I tell him "I'd called up to ask if she needs a roomie, but I'm presuming she doesn't!" He laughs, and agrees with a "I hope not!"
  3. There's a certain pleasure in telling people that I have resigned and watching the expressions on their faces...

1 comment:

Rajesh said...

People are shocked that you resigned??!!